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  • SR National High School Block II, Advocates Colony, Hanamakonda.
  • Activities

    At SR we believe that a healthy mix of academics, extracurricular and other mind stimulating activities are the most important facets in a student’s life and the challenges it throws. Academic excellence can never be a result of rote learning.

    • Regular Project works and exhibitions
    • Special Attention to all students
    • Special Study time to clarify and clear doubts
    • Regular assessments to monitor performance and progress

    All these and much more are a part of the daily routine in all SR Schools.


    A well-stocked library covering all subjects, fiction and non-fiction, literary works, journals and periodicals are the hall mark of SR PRIME SCHOOLS. Apart from the books the students also have access to CD’s covering important subjects.

    Computer Labs

    Dedicated Computer Laboratories keep the students in tune with the curriculum. With access to selective internet time the students keep abreast with the latest updates in their subjects and add value to their learning curve.


    SR Prime believes in a holistic approach to education. Regular debates, discussions, quiz programmes, public speaking, audio visual sessions help the students to develop their skills and be confident to face the world.


    In today’s world a mere high IQ is no longer acceptable. EQ or Emotional Quotient is a major factor in creating leaders with empathy.

    At SR Prime, cultural events are regularly organised to bring out the creative talents of every student. These help develop interpersonal skills and encourage team work.


    “Menssana in corporesano” in Latin means “a sound mind in a sound body” or “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. A large area of the campus is dedicated to sports along with a spacious indoor games facility. We believe these develop sportsmen spirit, enhance empathy and team spirit and contribute to the overall development of the mind.